Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dog Jewelry - Authentic Genuine Gems and Swarovski Crystals

Irresistible in fashion and elegance is the best way to describe these soon to be released dog collars. Samples will be shown and made per customer’s request. Made with sterling silver, genuine stones and Swarovski crystals. No synthetic or immitation materials are used as a practice. These pieces of pet jewelry will truly sparkle and look better in person that in the sample graphic images.

These jewelry pieces offer a modern combination of design and function and will delight any pet. These are not mass produced and every piece is made in the USA. One of kind creations and for this reason only a select few will be shown as examples.

Do you own a favorite piece of jewelry and wish for your furry little friend of royalty to mirror their owners? Simply send a photo of your favorite necklace and a matching dog jewelry can be matched to your existing pieces. Price will range from $40 to over a $150 depending on how much bling and the types of genuine stones requested.