Sunday, September 9, 2007

Modern Pet Beds Added

These new designer pet beds will meet the needs of any pet owner that has flare for a modern, sleek appearance. After all, appearance is relative, in addition to the pure class these beds proclaim. This pet bed offers the ultimate in comfort and design while blending perfectly with modern decor. This new product line is sure to provide the sleek modern look needed to accommodate your space.
The removable/reversible cover is machine washable and can be easily zipped on and off. This product line is available in the "Contour" or the "Modern" style. The covers are available in multiple colors; formula one red, jaffa orange, lime green, robbin's egg blue and ivory white. These covers offer versatility and can be changed out in a snap. The versatility of changing out colors as you choose. Click to see this pet bed . Don't forget to see our newly added Italian Leather Dog Collars too!

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Website Rebuild and New Products

Beyond The Crate is currently experiencing a website rebuild. In addition to the new look and organization of the website, new luxury pet beds and pet accessories are being added weekly. The update and rebuild will not interfere with customer purchases. All products are available and ready to order.

New additions-A perfect selection for any decor are the new designer pet beds made with durable Hampton twill, terry cloth and velour fabrics. Made of super high quality materials, yet comfortable and sure to offer the comfort your pet deserves. Numerous patterns and vibrant shades of blue, cotton candy pink, lime green, brown and grey to choose from in these designer pet beds. This product line is also offered in a water-resistant Sunbrella fabric that makes an excellent choice for outdoors. Not your typical outdoor beds, these are available in beach-like hues of blues, greens, and oranges that will not fade from the sun.

Sizes available:
Small: 25" x 25" x 5"
Medium: 30" x 30" x 5"
Large 35" x 35" x 5

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Beyond The Crate-How We Got Started

KAZTECH Marketing, LLC., DBA has been selling pet products online since January 01, 2005. The items we sell are purchased directly from the manufacturers and delivered directly to our customers. We currently sell on a retail scope, with future plans of owning our own label and becoming a soft manufacturer of select products in the pet industry. We offer value pricing for exclusive and hard to find pet products. From luxury pet beds and custom built dog homes to fine leather accessories and faux fur dog coats. We believe everyone deserves nice things, including your pets. In the beginning we found that many pet items were available, but most were lacking the quality that is needed for many buyers. Our intent is to provide quality, value and the best customer service on the Internet.

The pet theme was originally created one weekend, from the inspiration of our 8 year old daughter during a family discussion. All parents, at some point in time, ask their children... "what do you want to do when you grow up"? She replied, "I want to be a Veterinarian", of course our response as parents was supportive and we continued to explore with more questions. Moments later my daughter stated "but I don't like to see animals sick, so... "own a pet store". She started presenting drawings, making pet themed items and asking us to play store with her and make purchases.

The following week, I called a friend that I have known for 8 years then and 10 now, who had been in e-commerce for several years and built several websites. Through Joe's many hours...well months, of encouragement, help and patience, our first website was built, pieced together, but built. What a learning experience for us all.

We now own and operate two websites and every customer has direct access to owners and department managers, not sales personnel, as we do not employee sales personnel. Our customer service department is managed by a Behavioral and Organizational Psychology credentialed specialist. If you're tired of the typical customer service that is offered by many companies, try us. You will receive the most honest, cordial and fair customer service on the net, you will be pleasantly surprised, we guarantee it. So please visit us as and Visit us and buy from us, we want your business.



KAZTECH Marketing, LLC
PO Box 50481
Oklahoma City, OK 73140

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Welcome to our blog!

Please check back frequently as we discuss all of our new products and accessories for your pet! We've got dog beds, leashes, collars, blankets, towels, clothing, eco-friendly products and celebrity dog houses.