Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dog Toys Made Easy

Hey everyone beyond my backyard! I bet some of you out there are wondering, “Hmm I want to treat my dog to a brand new toy, but I want to save money". Well, I will show you all how to do so. If your dog is a small dog or is just a puppy, try this: Take an old cloth napkin and tie a big knot in the middle of the napkin then throw the cloth napkin to your dog and just see what a fun time he/she has with it! Play tug of war or just keep throwing it for your dog. Careful not to jerk it from your dog’s mouth and damage their teeth, especially if your playing with a puppy.

If you have a medium sized dog try this: Take a rubber dog bowl then throw it like a Frisbee for your dog, make sure the bowl is not hard plastic, or if it has holes in it don’t use it because your dog may pull off the pieces and eat them. I think we all know your dog wants to avoid the vet! The tooth rule again applies, so DON’T use a type of bowl that could damage the dog’s teeth. My dog likes a bowl placed upside down on our patio so he can chase it around and paw at it like a hockey puck. I’m telling you, the dog can entertain himself for several minutes, several times a day with this game.

If your dog is big try this: take an old bicycle tire, not the tube, just the tire. You can find one in the garage I am sure. Then look the tire over and check for any small parts or pieces that your dog could pull off and eat, take the tire outside and use the water hose and wash it off (Make sure to scrub it with a scrubbing brush too)! The reason you should do this is because you never know what has been spilled or gotten on the tire. For all we know, there could be a can of wasp spray, pool chemicals, or other unknown chemicals on the tire! We don’t want that now do we? So, wash it very well and if you don’t want to do this outside (Which I suggest you do, since it can get messy) you can use the bathtub inside the house. If you choose the inside wash method, place the tire in your bathtub and scrub it with soap and water. Make sure the soap is off, we don’t want a soapy mouth dog, as they will blow bubbles for the evening. Then once the tire is completely, dry take your dog and the tire outside and play with him/her in the yard! From tugging to holding it up and creating a ring for jumping, your dog will show you how they best want to play. The ring might take some practice. Don't forget your dog treat jar and goodies while playing.

Always supervise your dog while playing with toys, anything can happen. Hope you and your doggie have fun!

From The Doghouse ~~Nuni11~~

Monday, October 6, 2008

Matching Pet Beds and Toy Boxes - Going Green!

Matching pet beds and toy boxes. The pet toy box collection makes a wonderful place to store your furry little friend's recreational play toys. These pet beds and toy boxes are "green". Recycled fabrics used in the cushions and the feet are from reclaimed lumber. The wooden bed boxes are made from regular "straight from the lumber yard" boards. Hand painted using the best acrylic and water based products, making them perfectly safe for pets and children. Shown in the Shabby Chic model.

From the Dog House ~Nuni11~