Sunday, April 8, 2018



Welcome to our Exclusive Collections. Our finished products are made with designer hands, that includes assembly, painting or made from raw goods in the U.S.A. Our collections entail our very own, unique, one of a kind, handcrafted and hand painted designs. These exclusively made items require a considerable amount of time and are not mass big box store produced.

Our designer will custom create products from your requested styles, themes and colors, i.e. Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's, Halloween, 4th of July, St. Patrick's Day, Valentines Day, etc. Have an idea of your own and want our designer to handcraft like type products that you see here, simply ask, we can customize. You might be surprised what we say YES to!

BTC will continued to carry some other manufacturers items, but our Beyond The Crate Exclusive collection will be available for both our current retail customers and we will also offer our one of a kind products to wholesale customers that also have brick and mortar stores.

We will provide timeline for shipping. Many items will be available for immediate shipping and some will require additional time.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Beds For Dogs and Cats - Get them while they last!

These canopy draped pet beds are not only comfortable and stylish they have been a big seller. The manufacturer reports that they are closing down when their raw materials and inventory stock run out. These canopy dog beds have been a very popular seller. last chance to get them, as the manufacturer is closing indeffinitely.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dog Jewelry - Authentic Genuine Gems and Swarovski Crystals

Irresistible in fashion and elegance is the best way to describe these soon to be released dog collars. Samples will be shown and made per customer’s request. Made with sterling silver, genuine stones and Swarovski crystals. No synthetic or immitation materials are used as a practice. These pieces of pet jewelry will truly sparkle and look better in person that in the sample graphic images.

These jewelry pieces offer a modern combination of design and function and will delight any pet. These are not mass produced and every piece is made in the USA. One of kind creations and for this reason only a select few will be shown as examples.

Do you own a favorite piece of jewelry and wish for your furry little friend of royalty to mirror their owners? Simply send a photo of your favorite necklace and a matching dog jewelry can be matched to your existing pieces. Price will range from $40 to over a $150 depending on how much bling and the types of genuine stones requested.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pet Carrier Airline Travel Specifications

Traveling on a plane trip can require planning and special considerations. Planning and research is more important when traveling with a pet. It is mandatory that you choose an airline approved pet carrier. There are standards and procedures that are ascertained by airlines. It is highly recommended that you check the rules at the airport before you arrive for your flight. All pet carriers must meet certain specifications and criteria. A simple phone call to the airport prior to your arrival will assure a no hassle trip. Preferably, before you make your pet carrier purchase.

Many pet carriers will specify if they are "airline approved". Depending on the size of your pet, it may qualify as a carry on size and can be kept in your lap or in your seating area. Clearly, larger pet carriers can be accommodated in other areas of the plane. Airline travel recognizes the comfort of your special friend and will allow for comfortable travel in terms of room to stretch out and enjoy their trip.

Dog carriers are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, designs as well as price range. Many are designer types, but don't qualify for airline travel. So take the extra 15 minutes and verify with the airline and shop accordingly for the carrier. In some cases you may simply want your favorite walk around town carrier and another one that meets the objective for airline travel. Many pet carriers will meet the objective of both designer quality and airline approved.

Happy Travel,

From the dog house of ~Nuni11~

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dog Blanket / Car Seat Cover

NOW AVAILABLE! The highly talked about Hawaiian Pet Blanket that converts to a slipcover for the car is now available. These designer dog blankets or cat blankets with adorable border, yarn quilted are made with aloha in Hawaii. Except no substitutes, these are handmade on the island of Hawaii. Unique Patent Pending Concept.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Blanket and A Car Seat Slipcover – Seriously!

Hello furry friend owners. No reason to flesh out the obvious about dog blankets or is there? Okay, so let’s cover the basics and then talk about what’s hot and you can obtain bragging rights during your next social.

A dog blanket provides warmth and snuggle comfort. We all know they can be used to throw over the bed, couch, chair or car interior. It becomes an object in which your royal furry friend is familiar. Humans and Dogs alike have their standards, for dogs it’s comfort and familiarity. This falls in the category of the cliché “creatures of habit”. The average pet owner may very well have blankets for every occasion–one for the bed, one for the couch, one for the car and one that reminded them of the vacation in Hawaii. But possibly, just possibly, is there a blanket that provides designer style, comfort, warmth, versatility, dog car seat cover and provide an all-in-one solution?

Let’s get to what’s hot already! - For those that want the "next" and the most "next" item of trend fashion and quality, a designer designer dog blanket that has the functionality of a dog blanket throw and car seat slipcover.
Features; Hand made in Hawaii, with the inspirational prints of Hawaiian culture, vibrant colors, high end fabrics and hand made. A reversible floral print that is both, a quilted front car seat slipcover and a blanket for your special dog. This unique slipcover for your car to keep dog hair, dirt, sand off the car seat and pretty enough for your home to cover furniture. And look at this interesting facet; it has a large pocket on one side that fits over the head rest to stay in place, so that it doesn’t slide off the seat (your choice of which color side to use). Beautiful tropical aloha color print on one side, black and white aloha print on other side. Size 58" x 42". Pocket size roughly 10" x 20". Not to mention the cutest little packaging ever, that makes the ultimate gift for anyone that owns furry friends. This item will be be available soon!

Email for details.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dog Toys Made Easy

Hey everyone beyond my backyard! I bet some of you out there are wondering, “Hmm I want to treat my dog to a brand new toy, but I want to save money". Well, I will show you all how to do so. If your dog is a small dog or is just a puppy, try this: Take an old cloth napkin and tie a big knot in the middle of the napkin then throw the cloth napkin to your dog and just see what a fun time he/she has with it! Play tug of war or just keep throwing it for your dog. Careful not to jerk it from your dog’s mouth and damage their teeth, especially if your playing with a puppy.

If you have a medium sized dog try this: Take a rubber dog bowl then throw it like a Frisbee for your dog, make sure the bowl is not hard plastic, or if it has holes in it don’t use it because your dog may pull off the pieces and eat them. I think we all know your dog wants to avoid the vet! The tooth rule again applies, so DON’T use a type of bowl that could damage the dog’s teeth. My dog likes a bowl placed upside down on our patio so he can chase it around and paw at it like a hockey puck. I’m telling you, the dog can entertain himself for several minutes, several times a day with this game.

If your dog is big try this: take an old bicycle tire, not the tube, just the tire. You can find one in the garage I am sure. Then look the tire over and check for any small parts or pieces that your dog could pull off and eat, take the tire outside and use the water hose and wash it off (Make sure to scrub it with a scrubbing brush too)! The reason you should do this is because you never know what has been spilled or gotten on the tire. For all we know, there could be a can of wasp spray, pool chemicals, or other unknown chemicals on the tire! We don’t want that now do we? So, wash it very well and if you don’t want to do this outside (Which I suggest you do, since it can get messy) you can use the bathtub inside the house. If you choose the inside wash method, place the tire in your bathtub and scrub it with soap and water. Make sure the soap is off, we don’t want a soapy mouth dog, as they will blow bubbles for the evening. Then once the tire is completely, dry take your dog and the tire outside and play with him/her in the yard! From tugging to holding it up and creating a ring for jumping, your dog will show you how they best want to play. The ring might take some practice. Don't forget your dog treat jar and goodies while playing.

Always supervise your dog while playing with toys, anything can happen. Hope you and your doggie have fun!

From The Doghouse ~~Nuni11~~