Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Blanket and A Car Seat Slipcover – Seriously!

Hello furry friend owners. No reason to flesh out the obvious about dog blankets or is there? Okay, so let’s cover the basics and then talk about what’s hot and you can obtain bragging rights during your next social.

A dog blanket provides warmth and snuggle comfort. We all know they can be used to throw over the bed, couch, chair or car interior. It becomes an object in which your royal furry friend is familiar. Humans and Dogs alike have their standards, for dogs it’s comfort and familiarity. This falls in the category of the cliché “creatures of habit”. The average pet owner may very well have blankets for every occasion–one for the bed, one for the couch, one for the car and one that reminded them of the vacation in Hawaii. But possibly, just possibly, is there a blanket that provides designer style, comfort, warmth, versatility, dog car seat cover and provide an all-in-one solution?

Let’s get to what’s hot already! - For those that want the "next" and the most "next" item of trend fashion and quality, a designer designer dog blanket that has the functionality of a dog blanket throw and car seat slipcover.
Features; Hand made in Hawaii, with the inspirational prints of Hawaiian culture, vibrant colors, high end fabrics and hand made. A reversible floral print that is both, a quilted front car seat slipcover and a blanket for your special dog. This unique slipcover for your car to keep dog hair, dirt, sand off the car seat and pretty enough for your home to cover furniture. And look at this interesting facet; it has a large pocket on one side that fits over the head rest to stay in place, so that it doesn’t slide off the seat (your choice of which color side to use). Beautiful tropical aloha color print on one side, black and white aloha print on other side. Size 58" x 42". Pocket size roughly 10" x 20". Not to mention the cutest little packaging ever, that makes the ultimate gift for anyone that owns furry friends. This item will be be available soon!

Email for details.